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14 November 1973
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Husband, father, educator, and journeyman writer.

This bibliography runs from the past couple years through now. For the majority of the works, my byline is Berrien C. Henderson. In a few cases it's simply Berrien Henderson.

The Self-Avowed Geek’s Bibliography of Late . . .

So, if you’re interested in the ongoing saga of Berry’s Trying to Get Published, this would be the place to look. I’ll fill in the links later.

“Verses on St. Andrews” Spinning Whorl #2

“Something Apollonius Rhodius Left Out” Sentinel Science Fiction

“Dwarfblood” Forbidden Speculation

“flotsam and jetsam” MaryMark Press Give-Out Series

“Sold Separately” The Shantytown Anomaly #7

“Hunter and Harvest” Dwarf Stars Award Anthology 2007/The Shantytown Anomaly #2

“What’s Faulkner Got to Do with It?” Behind the Wainscot #11

“A Matter of Anachronisms, Archetypal yet Curious in Their Implications” Behind the Wainscot #14

“The Nest Building Habits of Children Inclined to Ornithomancy and Other Such Auguries” Fantasy Magazine

“El Luchador” Clockwise Cat

"Virtual Jisei" Kaleidotrope

“Aucun Imbecile Je" Behind the Wainscot #15

“Clone” Dwarf Stars Anthology 2008 (reprint)/The Shantytown Anomaly #6

“Schooling the Master” The Journal of Asian Martial Arts

“Flickering She” Kaleidotrope

“Dirt Roads and Ka” Farrago’s Wainscot

“From Cubbyholes . . .” Jabberwocky 4

“Ubiquity of Coincidences under Suspicious Consideration” Star*Line

“Sword of the Dead” Drollerie Press Anthology Things That Go Bump

“And at That Time Shall Michael Stand” Drollerie Press

“April amid the Zombie Hordes” Hatter Bones anthology

“The Jisei of Mark VIII” Clarkesworld Magazine

"Meditation on Deer at Night" Southern Fried Weirdness Online

"Deist" Quick Fic

“Getting Started” Quick Fic

“Bookmark: A Non Sequitur” Quick Fic

“Sunday’s Cat” Quick Fic

“So If All Do Their Duty” (serialized; part 1 up; part 2 up) Membra Disjecta


“Fine Nanotic Blades” Thaumatrope

“Einherjar” Thaumatrope

“Pixies” Thaumatrope

“Mute Singularity” Thaumatrope

[machine-readable] The Shantytown Anomaly #8

The Glamour of Two-Path Roads Papaveria Press

"The Girl in the Green Sequined Dress" Fantasy Magazine

"Fred" Poems of the Dead

"Something Apollonius Rhodius Left Out" (reprint) Innsmouth Free Press

"Verses on St. Andrews" Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine

"Sticky Notes Posted in Little Discernible Order upon a Computer Monitor" Everyday Weirdness

"Confessions" A Thousand Faces: A Quarterly Journal of the Superhuman Fiction

"Graffiti Found on an Upscale Independent Bookstore Bathroom Wall" Everyday Weirdness

"Drink Deep, or Taste Not" Everyday Weirdness

"Sondern als Ein Mensch" Moon Milk Review #3

"Until We Are Naked Again Beneath the Mute Witness of Stars" Jabberwocky 5

"Just for One Day" (forthcoming) A Thousand Faces

"Cormac McCarthy's Mule Done Gone and Died" The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"Drifting Against the Shoals of Memory" Jabberwocky Online

"Catalogue" (forthcoming" The Journal of Asian Martial Arts

Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings (forthcoming) Papaveria Press

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