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New Story: Mixed Martial Arts and the BLOODY KNUCKLES MMAnthology

So, a couple of years ago I wrote my first piece of realistic fiction in a long, long time. Had to flex some muscles other than genre. The first line--"You already know how this will end."--had stuck in my head for a while before I committed to writing the story. "Submitting the Abyss" is recursive and oh-so experimental for me (2nd PPOV, present tense). Three first-readers pretty much told me, among other things, that it would end up dicey if it ever garnered acceptance. A handful of literary rags' form and personal rejections later, and I found the perfect niche market in ThunderDome Press's Bloody Knuckles antho.

Writing the story gave me a break from genre--I wrote a Southern crime/Dixie mafia piece on the heels of that one--and helped me put novel concerns at the time on loop and whatnot.

There are some good pieces in the TOC, sprinkled with some poetry and nonfiction, too.

Two formats:



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