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The Writerly Year in Review

So, year in review brag roll (but not). This year has been a most interesting one in terms of writing. I logged more poetry than usual. Only a few short stories. The rest below...
Up front: For each acceptance or advance forward with the writing career, I'd say I averaged four rejections of some sort or another. Not necessarily on par with a two-steps-forward-three-steps-back analogy, but it's relative to the frequency with which I *didn't* submit in 2013. In fact, '13 will go down (har!) as a year that saw me submitting *less* by brunt of how much work I poured into novel-ing.
Here goes in no particular order . . .

* poems published in The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
* submitted more poetry than prose
* a realistic short fiction piece, "Submitting the Abyss," accepted for an MMA fighting anthology called Bloody Knuckles
* saw "The Jisei of Mark VIII" reprinted in Clarkesworld: Year 3
* fantasy short story, "Rhyme in Seven Parts," accepted for an issue of Kaleidotrope
* three poems recently accepted for publication in Avatar Review
* publication of the mini-collection, Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings, through Papaveria Press
* micro-fiction piece accepted for a Yolanda relief anthology
* pulled together a collection of short stories
* dusted off V3 of Footpaths of Small Town Gods
* finished zero draft of Untitled Southern Arthurian novel
* joined the stable of authors represented by Kris O'Higgins at Scribe Agency

There are too many people to thank lest I omit someone/s, so this is just to say that you know who you are, and I am grateful for your friendship, encouragement, and support. Especially thankful to editors open-minded about my work and readers whose eyeballs are on the page/screen and an agent who totally gets me and my work.
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