selfavowedgeek (selfavowedgeek) wrote,

Grinding Along Means You Still Got Some Gears Left

The writing recently has planed off in good ways, but the challenges remain.

The Short Story Collection: The TOC of Down These Secret Paths stands tighter with a more reasonable flow for the stories, at least as group-things.

Untitled Southern Arthuriana Novel: Pretty much have the act-to-act plot holes nailed down. Not nearly as much to add as I thought going through the zero-draft, but much of that's still open, too. Just so many jigsaw pieces that will fit, but they still have some factory burrs on 'em.

Footpaths of Small Town Gods: Oh, this one gets some heretofore unseen mo' Lovecraftian treatment. Also, domestic drama of this sort for the protagonist: You're not a bastard, but your dad sure is. Yeah, that. (ETA: wendigomountain, Yes, indeedy-do, Feeling will find out his dad's identity, and it makes another throughline/subplot make more sense.) A major chunk of that novel's Act 3 material becomes Act 1 stuffery of a cosmically horrific sort. Sorry, FoSTG Act 2, you get *nothing* for the time being.
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