selfavowedgeek (selfavowedgeek) wrote,

Stuff What Got Published in 2011: The Condensed Version

Because it's a rather short list.  It's not for lack of writing or submitting, but I definitely did not burn it up on inundating the markets in 2011, I tell you.

Short Story

"Until We Are Naked Again Beneath the Mute Witness of Stars" Jabberwocky 5/Online


"Cormac McCarthy's Mule Done Gone and Died" The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature

"Drifting Against the Shoals of Memory" Jabberwocky Online

"Catalogue" The Journal of Asian Martial Arts

ETA: You can find and read all of them online save "Catalogue."  Also, only the two Jabberwocky publications are speculative.  What?  Two mainstream/literary/whatever publications?  50/50?  Not intentional or planned or anything.  Just how them breaks break, yo.

I got one foot out of that speculative/genre ghetto.  Just call me master of the two worlds. 

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