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The Self-Avowed Geek
A Miscellany of Stuff and Stuff
What's Up? 
29th-Nov-2013 10:22 am
Willie Nelson
Been too long, but the holidays have me catching up on sleep/rest and family time along with reading and writing time. So, I finally began reading As I Lay Dying and am steadily re-admiring Faulkner's use of rolling POV's. After that, I've got Absalom, Abasalom! on deck and am awaiting some light/fun fare in John Ringo's Under a Graveyard Sky.

Although the writing is up and down as I tool around on the novels and short stories and poetry, I'm still *writing*. And it's been nice the people who've supported the dropping of Old Souls and the Grammar of Their Wanderings. While I'm waiting for suggested revisions/edits from my agent re: the Southern Arthuriana novel, the building of the character-centric playlists began in earnest a few days ago. Fun stuff for getting my head and heart back in those gears. Still got some decisions to make on major cuts and major re-introductions of issues/characters in Footpaths of Small Town Gods, the other Fogle County novel, but that's what the darling-killing is for anyhow.

The short story, "Let Baser Things Devise," swings back in an earlier direction in terms of its being a love story, but now between the uplifted chimp protag and . . . a robot. Just go with it.

From the lurking I've been doing on LJ lately, things seem quieter as the halls of this social media site grow thinner, but virtually everyone here I follow on FB anyhow although every now and then I find some gems of information or reviews of X, Y, or Z here.

Hope your Thanksgiving was anywhere between okay to better than average.
29th-Nov-2013 04:48 pm (UTC)
It was ok.


I'm going to be here for now, as you may have seen. FB is just too much of a time suck.
30th-Nov-2013 05:32 pm (UTC)
Marguerite, day before Thanksgiving visit to see my dad was less-than-good. Put a damper on my mood, to be sure.

Did notice re: FB and here.
29th-Nov-2013 06:48 pm (UTC)
I'll be here as well. I probably should post an update, but this Thanksgiving has been all about figuring some things about as I embark on another course correction.
30th-Nov-2013 05:34 pm (UTC)
I hope the change works out for you.
29th-Nov-2013 07:13 pm (UTC)
It is getting quieter in here, but...yeah, there's always FB. :)

Good to see you in here though!
30th-Nov-2013 05:35 pm (UTC)
Good to be seen, and I'm glad that the writing and editing and everything else are going swimmingly for you.
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